As an academic publication, the audience for this journal consists principally of students in the agriculture related professions (agronomy, forestry, animal science, veterinary medicine, agricultural engineer) and students in fields related to the social sciences in the agriculture sector; professors in faculties, schools, departments and institutions, in universities, technical schools and high schools in the agriculture sector; researchers and reporters in the agriculture sector; agricultural businesses and producers; and graduates of EARTH University.

The electronic publication and distribution of EARTH University’s journal “Tierra Tropical: Sustainability, Environment, and Society ” is through the web page or the university’s web page ( To fulfill our mission to “promote the exchange, analysis, synthesis, and dissemination of knowledge about agriculture, natural resources, and the environment in tropical regions,” there is no subscription fee for this on-line journal. In this way, Tierra Tropical is available to all producers in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well to students and professors in agriculture. In the future, a printed version of the journal could be sustained through strategic alliances with mass communication means (editorials, foundations, NGOs, corporations, among others), and limited and carefully filtered publicity will be accepted to maintain the scientific character of the publication.